Our Department

Government Councillor Ernst Stocker heads the Department of Finance since 2015. The major part of the Department's mandate can be summarised under the term cross-cutting tasks: the Department of Finance supports the remaining administration in its mandate.

Planning and control tasks are of particular importance in terms of financial planning and tax policy. Major cross-cutting tasks, however, are also to be found in the field of personnel and the procurement of supplies.

The Department of Finance aims at a sustainable budget and a strong position of the Canton of Zurich in the intercantonal and international tax competition. It is intended to further develop its ability to innovate, its efficiency und customer orientation in the field of administration.

The Office of Personnel is under the aegis of the Department of Finance. Therefore, its mandate is also to strengthen the Canton's attractiveness as an employer. The total headcount of the Department of Finance is a little more than 900 employees, most of them are working in the Cantonal Tax Office.